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Bronze or copper metal

We are blessed to have a treasure of talent and skill available to us through outside contractors here in Kansas City, who have been working along with us for the past few months to get our production and branding in place.  We'd like to mention some key players:

Sewing Machine

Rightfully Sewn, a Kansas City non-profit initiative that provides seamstress training, professional development for fashion designers, and apparel production, took on the challenge of small batch production for 50 one-of-a-kind kimonos. We worked together to establish a standardized production process using different fabric combinations for each piece.


Graphic Designer Working

Novella Brandhouse, a branding and marketing agency based here in Kansas City, worked with us on refining our brand messaging and marketing strategy. A certified Women's Business Enterprise and a Small Local Business Enterprise, also guided us through the process of developing our visual identity and brand elements. We continue to work with their very capable and talented team as we move toward our launch. For their comprehensive and personal approach and creative solutions, we thank Elizabeth McFadden, CEO -Director of Brand Strategy; Kelly Klinkon, Director of Marketing Strategy; Abby Ventura, Art Director; and Skeet Hanks, Creative Director.



Since then we have worked together to create new patterns for three new styles in two inclusive sizes for our 2022 "Rediscovering Elegance" Collection.

It is our honor to be a part of this initiative which focuses on training seamstresses and propelling budding designers, while helping to reestablish Kansas City as an epicenter for the manufacture of affordable, high-quality American made garments.

Samantha Levi, Kansas City-based photographer and creative director, took on our project with passion and creativity, and worked with us to do a professional photo shoot with three models, a stylist, and hair/makeup designer. The whole photography team was great to work with! We especially appreciated the styling services and fabulous location/studio that was provided for our eight-hour shoot. Samantha's mastery of lighting techniques and ability to capture the essence of our brand was quite impressive.  We are proud showcase her beautiful photographs in our marketing and communications efforts.   

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