Bronze or copper metal

Our mission is to create garments that inspire women to be more of who they were born to be.

We believe in the power of reinvention and transformation.  When a woman finds her confidence and gives herself permission to shine, she will become an inspiration to others.


In keeping with our mission, we have chosen to donate our proceeds to non-profit organizations that are dedicated to saving and transforming lives.

Bobbi Jo Reed, founder of Healing House in Kansas City.  Shown speaking at the J.Mullin Apparel Co. Launch Event in April.

Among the organizations we support are:

The House of Ruth Fresh Start Home in Connersville, Indiana is a non-profit organization that provides a 15-month recovery program to women struggling with Opioid addiction.  Founded in 2010 by  Sharon and Russell Cranfill, the House of Ruth provides education, spiritual and emotional healing and guidance in a safe, supervised environment where residents can live and experience a clean and sober real home atmosphere. 

The Healing House in Kansas City, Missouri, Founded by Bobbi Jo Reed, in 2002, Healing House helps both men and women experience long-term recovery from substance use disorders. Founded by Bobbi Jo Reed in 2002, the organization operates safe and stable recovery residences and helps those in recovery address the mental, physical and spiritual aspects to their addictions.   The experienced staff, made up of instructors, counselors and peer support specialists, is equipped to share tools and knowledge that help over 1,000 program participants each year to achieve and maintain life-long sobriety.

Each organization is a Christian-based ministry founded by a woman who has successfully recovered from her own addictions and has devoted her life to saving and transforming the lives of others.  We are humbled and inspired by both of them, and blessed to be able to be a part of the work that they do.

Sharon Cranfill, house of ruth, connersville, in.jpeg

Sharon Cranfill, founder of House of Ruth Fresh Start Home in Connersville, Indiana.