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A Note from Joanne

"I am so thrilled to be on the cover of this Kansas City area lifestyle magazine!  Inside, there is a feature article and several more photos of J.Mullin Apparel's one-of-a-kind kimono-inspired apparel!


The juxtapositions of elegance with weathered and worn natural finishes gloriously lit by the golden light of a late Autumn afternoon sun was magical. It was a bountiful feast for the eyes and the soul.


It was seeing Elevated Ease in action. The more I saw, the more I wanted. A natural elegance that just seemed so spontaneous and organic. It was all about a soft femininity mixed with rough finishes; the unexpected contrasts that create magic.  Isn't that they way women want to feel? I know I do."

Joanne Mullin, Designer

J.Mullin Apparel Featured in Two Kansas City Magazines:

In November J.Mullin apparel was featured in Johnson County Lifestyle Magazine.


We are on the cover, and the feature article and photo spread are on pages 26-31.


Our ad is on page 33.

HERLIFE Sept 2022 issue.jpeg

In September we were featured in HERLIFE Magazine.  


Our ad is on page 14.    .


The feature article is on page16.

The photo spread is on pages 42-47.

We are very blessed to have such talented writers, editors, photographers and stylists to work with in Kansas City!

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