Details that matter: 


Fully lined

Deep side slits                                                                                

Roomy pockets                                                                                

Detached belts                                                                         

Generous and flattering silhouettes

A story to tell.

The juxtaposition of colors and patterns on each garment tells a story like no other. 

Each hand crafted kimono features a curated combination of fabrics, 

including pieces from vintage kimonos and other beautiful irreplaceable garments.

Ready for anything.

 Like you, your kimono is spontaneous, and is able to instantly adapt to any situation.  

Wherever your adventures take you, you'll be remembered for your captivating confidence 

and timeless, elegant ease.  

Sizing Guide

Because kimonos are designed to be wrapped around the body or worn loose, sizing is very generous.

We've grouped the kimonos into four size ranges, and we offer three different lengths:

Jacket length, Mid Thigh length,

and Mid Calf length


Small       Sizes

Medium     Sizes 8-12

Large     Sizes 12-16

Xtra Large  Sizes 16-18


The exact measurements for each piece are included with each product description.

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