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Good Things Take Time

How the Slow Fashion Trend is affecting the way we dress.

The term “slow fashion” is appearing in fashion publications, and being talked about on fashion industry podcasts for years, but I’ve been noticing a lot more just recently. It is clear that the Covid Pandemic has had a big impact on the fashion industry. There is much more talk about sustainability and reusing materials in an effort to reduce waste and to be more conscientious about the environmental impact of modern manufacturing.

Designers and manufacturers are becoming more serious about the issue at large, but specifically when it comes to incorporating repurposed materials in their current and planned releases. There is a growing fascination with the hidden narrative that repurposed textiles hold. We still want fashion, and the excitement, but we want clothes that feel right for the times we are experiencing. The industry buzz is saying that its clients are recognizing the power clothing has to elevate our spirits,

comfort us, and make us feel good about ourselves. We keep clothes that have made us happy in the past and that we look forward to wearing again. We are choosing pieces that are practical but still beautiful. The focus is on clothing that is more genuine and relevant.

J.Mullin Apparel has been incorporating repurposed textiles in our creations since the very beginning. We started with repurposed denim jackets, reinvented with vintage and repurposed materials. Now we feature repurposed fabrics in all of our kimonos and scarves. Our motto has always been, “Using what we have to reinvent our lives,” and that philosophy continues to guide our efforts.

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