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Our Launch Event was held on April 21st in Kansas City. At that event we unveiled our new  Summer 2022 Collection: "Rediscovering Elegance"

Here is a peek at a few of the pieces in our new line and the story behind what inspired the colors and fabrics of the new line.  MORE COMING SOON!

Artists oil paints multicolored closeup abstract background..jpg
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The Theme:

Rediscovering Elegance signifies a desire for renewal and reinvention. It is about rediscovering the true essence of who we are and embracing our love for luxury and sophisticated style, but in a less complicated way. 

The Inspiration:

A fresh take on nostalgic luxury, our new Spring/Summer Collection is inspired by the glamour of old Hollywood and the rosy colors and art style of vintage travel posters.  Fresh botanicals combined with geometric shapes and bold abstract art styles warmed by cognac hues and muted jewel tones create a timeless carefree spirit of adventure and evoke images of top-down drives in the South of France.


The Silhouettes

Three new silhouettes offer a choice of three lengths: A hip-length jacket with a self tie in the front, an above-the-knee tunic length and a long, ankle-length robe. The sleek linings, deep side slits and generous pockets embody elegant ease.  Each of the three new styles has its own sleeve design..

The tunic length and the ankle length styles have a detached sash belt that can be worn inside or outside of the kimono itself.


The Fabrics

The prints we selected for the kimono bodies evoke the abstract art style of Matisse and the rich colors of Mid Century block prints, while some are contemporary Japanese prints. 


We trim our kimonos with Japanese fine linen in solid colors, and finish them off with curated vintage kimono and other repurposed fabrics.


Each piece is a one-of-a-kind combination of colors and patterns that tells a layered story of intrigue and adventure.

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Artists oil paints multicolored closeup abstract background..jpg


The scarves are turning out absolutely gorgeous. Made entirely from unexpected combinations of vintage kimono fabrics and other repurposed fabrics, each piece is finished on both sides and can be worn in a variety of ways.