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Parker's Story:


A scenic photographer and world traveller, Parker loves contrasts and unexpected juxtapositions, especially those she sees in the the vibrant hues of the Mediterranean Sea and the sun drenched architecture along its rocky shores. It is not surprising that her knack for capturing the magical moments when the light is just right have inspired many who have seen her work on display at world class galleries.


Our Parker kimono is our own expression of the vivid colors of the Mediterranean. From the orange cliffs of Sardinia to the sun baked white domes of Greece and the deep blues of the Mediterranean, some things leave an indelible impression that will always take our breath away.


We hope you love how it makes you feel.

Parker Kimono Robe

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • Measurements and Care


    Width at bust: 49”,  Length: 40”

    Size Medium

    Length: Duster (mid calf)

    Care: Professional dry cleaning is recommended for best results.




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