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Dressing well just got a lot easier.

A handmade one-of-a-kind J.Mullin kimono is your secret for always being at your best for all of the things you do and places you go.

No more disappointing shopping experiences.

You’ll show up with an easy elegance and be known for your signature style.

Easy to wear. Easy to pair.  .


This is easy elegance....This is what self assurance looks and feels like. 

Why J.Mullin Apparel?


Flattering and comfortable: 

You have built your life around what you love, and know the colors and silhouettes that bring out your best features.  Our lean silhouettes are flattering to every body type, and the sleek linings, deep side slits and roomy pockets deliver the elevated ease that you crave.


One-of-a-kind timeless style:

Each garment features a one-0f-a-kind combination of fabrics including repurposed and vintage fabrics.  No two are alike. Our designer, Joanne Mullin, sources all of the fabrics and combines them into stunning looks with a timeless appeal.

Consistent high-quality production: 

Working with her own proprietary patterns, she determines the fabric placement on each garment.  When she has accumulated 50 garments she turns them over to a professional sewing contractor for production.  Even though each piece is a one-of-a-kind garment, the quality of construction and craftsmanship is consistent throughout the line.

Flexible styling options:  

Our customers love the fabric combinations, and enjoy pairing their J.Mullin Apparel pieces with many things they already own to build variety and flexibility into their wardrobes. Being able to style casual daytime looks as well as more dressy and formal looks gives them many new options, and makes packing for a trip so much easier.

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