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Leaves Shadow
Wrap up your Holidays in Style!

Handmade from repurposed and vintage fabrics,

a luxurious one-of-a-kind scarf from J.Mullin Apparel

takes Holiday Style to a new level of panache.

Which one is your favorite?

Packaged for gifting and delivered for free.


Never worry about what to wear again.

Be ready for any occasion where you want to be at your absolute best.  

Move freely, feel renewed in a garment that is comfortable to wear and makes you feel and look fabulous.

Take pride in the knowledgthat no-one else in the world has the same garment.

No more disappointing shopping experiences.

Finally, someone gets you.  


Yes, a designer has made something that is not only stunning and unique, but also fits like it was made just for you.

No more feeling irrelevant or even invisible.


Meet the designer that understands first-hand what you're going through and has created garments that will transform how you see yourself.

Shop at home. Try on at home. 

See for yourself how you can pair our garments with pieces you already own to create countless ensembles -- from casual to elegant.

Our styling guides will give you some great ideas.

Keep what you love; return the rest.

Shipping and returns are free.  What could be easier?  Your purchase is risk-free.

Are you ready for a transformation?

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