You have a passion for life

and design your life around what you love. 


You have the soul of an artist,

seeing things others don't.


You have a unique identifiable style.

You know who you are.


 You are not afraid of being noticed.

You have something to say.


 People crave your company

because you lift them up.


You are our inspiration.

Style with a story to tell.

Each hand crafted kimono features a curated combination of fabrics, including pieces from vintage kimonos and other beautiful garments.  The juxtaposition of colors and patterns on each garment tells a story rich with textures and contrasts.

Style that's ready for anything.

Wherever your adventures take you your kimono will instantly adapt to any situation and pairs nicely with your favorite classic separates. You'll be wrapped in confidence and timeless, elegant ease.

Style that brings out
your best.

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Our Mission

We believe in reinvention and transformation.  

We celebrate every woman's unique style by bringing out her best so she can be more of who she was born to be.

Giving back. Transforming lives.

Our customers are pleased to know that we donate our proceeds to non-profit organizations and ministries that help women recover from addictions and abusive situations. Your purchase helps to provide housing, food, counseling, education and job opportunities to women who are desperately trying to get a new start in life. Because of you, hope is being restored, families are being reunited and lives are being transformed.


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Joanne Mullin

How one kimono can take you from morning to night

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