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Seeing Elegant Ease in Action

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J.Mullin Apparel Featured in Kansas City's Johnson County Lifestyle Magazine

I am so thrilled to be on the cover of this Kansas City area lifestyle magazine! Inside, there is a feature article and several more photos of J.Mullin Apparel's one-of-a-kind kimono-inspired apparel!

Heather Slusher is the model in all of the photos, and she looks amazing in each one. I was interviewed byRebecca Stoltman, and the photographer was Janie Jones. Amani Skalacki styled and organized the photoshoot, pulling together a team of professionals. It was a very fun day for me because the team was so creative and motivated.

The juxtapositions of elegance with weathered and worn natural finishes gloriously lit by the golden light of a late Autumn afternoon sun was magical. It was a bountiful feast for the eyes and the soul.

It was seeing Elevated Ease in action. The more I saw, the more I wanted. A natural elegance that just seemed so spontaneous and organic. It was all about a soft femininity mixed with rough finishes; the unexpected contrasts that create magic. Isn't that they way women want to feel? I know I do.

I just can't get enough of the mixed patterns and textures; the softness of velvet and silk mixed with well worn cowboy boots; the rich colors of vintage fabrics mixed with supple black leather. It is a sensual feast.

It is time to celebrate the raw beauty of being everything you want to be: your own unique combination of textures, colors and moods. You are not like anyone else. You don't copy an artificial, unimaginative catalog image. That's not who you are. You are an unexpected combination of contrasts; an original work of art.

It's time to celebrate what makes you who you are. Think about how you feel in your clothes. Is what you wear making you feel more alive? More like who you want to be? What do you love? I want to know YOU.

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Six-page photo shoot features J.Mullin Apparel's handmade garments.

The September issue of HerLife Magazine, Kansas City's only magazine exclusively targeted toward women, includes a six-page pictorial featuring kimono looks for Fall from J.Mullin Apparel. The kimonos featured in the spread are a peek at the variety of looks that would be practical, versatile and elegant additions to a woman's wardrobe for the Fall Season, as well as throughout the Holidays and into the Resort Season.

Modeled by Elle Dummermuth, the kimonos are shown with a variety of separates, creating looks from at home casual to more dressy looks and even edgy looks. The photoshoot was styled by Amami Skalatchi and was set in a private home to show the elegant yet comfortable wearability of the garments. Photographer Amber Deery captured the essence of the J.Mullin Apparel brand's handmade one-of-a-kind garments, and the hair and makeup team was also very talented.

The magazine also included a full page feature article from an interview with me about why I decided to make kimonos, and what our mission is: to give women more choices of elegant clothing that is comfortable, flattering and versatile, building up their confidence by bringing out their best features, and helping them feel more like who they were born to be.

The article concludes with a mention of our mission to uplift women and help them reinvent their lives, and points out the fact that we donate our proceeds to non-profit organizations that help women get a second chance in life. We are excited about how our message is being heard, and look forward to helping more women feel better about themselves, and empower them to be a force for good.

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