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A CURATED LIFE                      


Joanne's updates about what's happening behind the scenes and inspirations for living the curated life.

Portrait of Joanne Mullin, designer

Introducing "A Kimono Kind of Day" Series:

Stories featuring a day in the life of an accomplished fashion-loving woman who wears kimonos for everything. From morning to night we'll see how each character moves through her day and all of the amazing looks she wears as she comes and goes from her lovely home taking care of business and all of the things that accomplished fashion-loving women do.

Today we have two Episodes:

Carly - Embracing Change:

The head buyer of womens' clothing for a national retail department store, Carly has just moved to the affluent suburbs. She works at home and commutes to her job in the city once or twice a week. We follow her through a day of adapting to her new lifestyle.

Grace - the Art of Living:

An interior designer who works from her beautifully decorated home applies her aesthetic for combining patterns, colors and textures in every aspect of her life -- decorating, of course, but also her own artwork, how she dresses and even how she puts a salad together. We see her world through her eyes as she moves through her day.

Our photo shoots were so much fun. We've built a fabulous team of creative people, and can't get enough of creating these characters and seeing the world through their eyes.

I hope you enjoy these little stories, and imagine yourself in one of our fabulous kimono looks!

Just click on the covers and enlarge to full screen to be able to read the stories.

Booklet #1:

Styling: Amani Skalacki

Model: Amanda Para


Photography: Jerame Gray

Hair and Make-up: Allie J.


Booklet #2:

Styling: Amani Skalacki

Model: Heather Slusher


Photographer: Janie Jones


Videographer: Taylor Snyder

@Taylor'd Co.

Hair: Maddie Freyre


Make-up: Allie J.


Let us know what you think of our stories. We hope you got some ideas for how you might wear one of our kimonos with pieces from your own wardrobe.

Our website has just been updated to include our new mini-collection of one-of-a-kind kimonos in four trending classic solid colors of raw silk. These pieces are a step-up in luxurious fashion. Each piece is trimmed with a one-of-a-kind combination of curated fabrics including vintage kimono fabric and even leather and suede on some pieces. Featured in the Carly story, these pieces are fully lined and are offered in jacket, tunic and robe lengths in two inclusive sizes: S/M and M/L, which fit women sized S through XXL. We are making more of these raw silk pieces for the Fall season.

To shop kimonos go to

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A Season of Renewal and Transformation

Choosing to elevate your life feels almost as good as sunlight on your face.

The word resort conjures up visions of getting away to a luxurious, beautiful place that involves relaxation and pampering. Just imagining the warmth of the sun on our skin feels us with longing. Especially to those of us who love fashion, resort season is about living a luxurious life and wearing elegant, flowing garments. We love to see the new resort collections from the fashion industry and imagine ourselves lounging by the pool or dining under the stars looking and feeling glamorous and pampered.

Ironically, the word resort can also mean settling for something that wouldn’t be our first choice. We resort to something as a way to resolve a less-than-desirable situation.  But, having to resort to enjoying a cozy winter at home doesn’t have to be a time of dismal survival. The short, quiet days and long, dark nights of winter are the perfect opportunity for bringing more luxury and elegance into our lives.

Fire and Ice.
The beauty of winter is often found in its contrasts. When set against an icy background, your colorful personality sizzles like fire.
You’ve found the magic formula of sparkle and grace; elegance and ease.

The winter months do not have to be a suspension in time. Instead of resorting to merely getting through it while you put your life on hold, use these next few months as an opportunity to add more of a resort feeling into your life. It can be a time of living with more intention; a time of renewal; a time to reconnect to yourself and to what’s important to you, including the people in your life.

Timeless Elegance.
A bubbly combination of sparkle and grace, you bring the sizzle of style to the party.
Steering your own ship as you always have, with a timeless elegance that never gets old.

Winter is when unexpected growth occurs. It’s when connections are made; ideas marinate and wait for the right time to bloom. The journey is just as life-changing as the destination. It all begins when you give yourself the luxury of adding more of what you love into your life.

Light some candles, host an intimate dinner party, attend an art gallery exhibit, go hear some live music, create a charcuterie board and enjoy a cocktail in front of your own fireplace at home. Make a big pot of minestrone and invite some friends over for the evening. Allow yourself regular pampering spa treatments and massages. All of these things give you something to look forward to as you’re walking your dog on those dark, cold mornings.

In your Element
You find the environment that brings out your best. Sometimes you want to stand out; other times you prefer to blend in.
Embrace your contradictions. It’s what makes you interesting.

What you wear is a reflection of how you want to show up in your life. Dress like you want to feel. Relaxing by the fire wearing something flowing and pretty feels so much more luxurious than wearing what you’ve had on all day. Hosting an intimate dinner party wearing an elegant kimono over your classic separates elevates the event to a new level of sophistication. Attending a play or live concert wearing a stunning statement piece adds a layer of luxury to the whole experience.

Whether you’re one of the lucky ones who gets to enjoy an exotic getaway this winter, or are choosing to enjoy a cozy season at home, make it a season of renewal and transformation by bringing elements of luxury and elegance into your life.



Get some great ideas for how to elevate your winter style with our new styling guide. Whether you are traveling to a resort or staying at home, you can add a new layer of elegance to your wardrobe. Our new stying guide will show you how to pair a J. Mullin Apparel kimono with your existing wardrobe as well as with the latest looks in boutiques.


Resort '24 Styling Lookbook
Download PDF • 37.82MB

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Updated: Dec 6, 2023

What possible pattern can emerge from seemingly random events and unexpected circumstances?

As I look back over this last year I see unrelated scraps of unexpected victories combined with disappointing setbacks. It is a jumble of experiences, both victories and defeats, piled up in my mind like the fabric scraps on my studio floor.

What do we do with all of these scraps of emotions? What possible pattern can emerge from seemingly random events and unexpected circumstances?

I am finding that with a bit of distance and perspective, a new picture is emerging. What seemed random and meaningless at the time is beginning to make sense. What I perceived as a series of setbacks has instead been a process of expansion and growth, helping me see where it all has led me.

After all, taking something random and problematic and transforming it into something useful and beautiful is what I do every day. Our scarf collection is a perfect example: I collect the scraps of fabrics that are too small to use for my kimonos and rather than discarding them, I combine coordinating prints and piece together a beautiful one-of-a-kind scarf. The scraps on the floor are transformed into something beautiful and wearable. The fabrics just seem to find each other, and the results are stunning.

This weekend I got to see the new Monet exhibit at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City. The exhibit included a variety of Monet's works along with the works of several other artists who were inspired by Monet's abstract and controversial techniques. For me, it was a lesson in how one person's vision and expression can inspire and open new perspectives in others.

I was impressed by Monet's unique style of brush strokes that when up close appeared to be random blobs of blurred colors. But, when I backed away and observed the work as a whole, the picture came into focus. As the seemingly random brush strokes receded, they melded into an image with a story to tell. Standing too close, you just can't see the big picture.

The events of 2023 resemble the scraps of mismatched fabrics on my studio floor like random blobs of paint on an artist's palette. Through all of the ups and downs I've been reminded that what happens to us is really for us. All is in the hands of God, the Master Artist of the Universe, who sustains us and makes something beautiful out of it all.

My motto, "Using what we have to reinvent our lives" has never been more personally relevant. I am learning to cherish each joy and minimize each disappointment because I know that I'm too close to the picture to see what will eventually be revealed. My bag of random scraps is a beautiful scarf in the making. It's all about trusting the process.

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