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Create the Life you Want

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

There's something about limitations that ignite creativity.

Designing the life you love is a privilege that we haven’t always had. What a luxury to be able to create our home environment and plan our lives around what we enjoy doing and who we want to be with in the process. Our homes and the lifestyle we live, and even the wardrobe we have, are things we have curated over time. As our tastes and circumstances have evolved, our lives have looked very different from one decade to another. And here we are now, looking forward to a new chapter with new things and places to explore.

Whether it’s interior design, landscaping, entertaining, art acquisition, fashion or travel, we are always on the lookout for things that inspire us, and that help us live our best life. I, for one, am a huge advocate for

reinvention. Throughout my career as a corporate communications and public relations specialist, my biggest successes involved reinvention — making the best out of whatever reality we were faced with. In many cases, the end results were better than they would have been if we’d had ideal circumstances and a huge budget. There’s something about limitations that ignite creativity.

At J.Mullin, our motto has always been, “Using what we have to reinvent our lives.” That philosophy continues to guide us in our new endeavors and our commitment to featuring repurposed textiles in our creations. We thrive on turning limitations into strengths, and we enjoy the adventure along the way. Our clients love the results: a handmade kimono or scarf made of carefully chosen combinations of new and repurposed fabrics that is a one-of-a-kind statement piece they are proud to wear.

As we move past the Covid nightmare, and make plans for moving forward, we hope you find joy and meaning in whatever adventures that are ahead for you. Whether your plans are big or small — travel, visiting friends and family, getting out to enjoy live music performances and art and museum exhibits, and fine dining — it’s all a wonderful feast of opportunities to keep on living the good life and having great stories to tell.

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