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Winter: the lull between seasons

The art of waiting.

The quiet of winter can be the most distracting void. It's a lesson in how to live in a constant state of uncertainty. We just have to be ready to change course every other minute. Just when we think we have a plan, something happens that changes everything. What do we do? We constantly reschedule things. We cancel this, we postpone that. We try to adapt, but we feel off balance. We feel stuck in time. We can't focus. We feel as adrift as the blowing snow.

It's as if life is on hold; that we are suspended in time, stranded between seasons. It feels like we are in a Netflix series that suddenly took a turn we didn't see coming, leaving us hanging at the end of the last season, and here we are waiting on the edge of a cliff to see how it all turns out. We hate waiting. We try to fill the void. We get off the sofa and grab some popcorn. We make more "to do" lists. We surf Social Media for inspiration or just to see what other, more together, people are doing. But, we just can't get our footing. We get depressed and overwhelmed, and blame it all on winter.

Then, out of the blue, something happens that puts a whole new perspective on things. Coincidences and synchronicity and "What are the odds?" situations. We have a couple of full circle experiences, and it all begins to make sense. We begin to realize that the seemingly random chain of unfortunate events were all part of a Grand Plan. Time and time again, as we round a bend and suddenly see the larger view, we understand that all of those crazy twists and turns were leading to something better than we could have imagined. Maybe uncertainty isn't so bad after all.

If winter is teaching me anything, it's to learn to trust the process. Trust in God's plan. Turns out, all things, all situations and messes and dark days -- they're all leading to something better My life might seem chaotic and out of control at times, but only if I delude myself into thinking that everything is up to me, or even has to do with me. Winter is a lesson in learning to wait. Waiting is a skill, an art form, a test. Maybe it's really a gift. It's a time to reflect and understand; to re-order our priorities and to visualize how we want to alter our course. Spring is coming. But, for now, we'll just move forward day-by-day in the direction of our dreams and give ourselves permission to enjoy the journey along the way.

Here at J.Mullin Apparel, we are finally in the throws of planning our official Launch Event! It's been almost three years since we moved from the San Francisco Bay Area to Kansas City and I began making one-of-a-kind kimonos. We have created three new designs in two inclusive sizes, and have streamlined our production process to be able to produce a consistent high-quality product that is still one-of-a-kind and still features repurposed fabrics. It has been a huge learning experience for me, and I am finding ways to keep the artistic integrity and uniqueness of one-of-a-kind pieces while being able to scale.

Our Launch Event is being planned for Thursday, April 21st, from 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm at the 1900 Building's Fountain Room, 1900 Shawnee Parkway, Mission Woods, KS. It is one of Kansas City's finest

gallery/event spaces, and we will be pulling the details together and doing some promotion and publicity in March and April. Tickets are available at We just completed a new photo shoot with some of our new kimonos and two gorgeous models, and you will be seeing them over the coming weeks..

Personally, I cannot wait to share our new line with you! The journey has been long and a little treacherous at times. There is no GPS system or even a folded up map for what we're doing, and we've worked very hard to get this far. We've laid the groundwork for a new season that promises to take our little line of kimonos and scarves to a new level of exposure and visibility. We hope you come along with us on this new adventure!

More information on the Spring & Summer Line will be coming soon. We promise you'll be the first to know.

In the meantime, visit our website often:

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