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portrait of Joanne Mullin, designer

Joanne Mullin
Designer and Co-owner of
J.Mullin Apparel Co.

J.Mullin Apparel was founded by Joanne Mullin in 2018 when she and her husband, Bill, moved from the San Francisco Bay Area to Kansas City. That was when Joanne started making kimonos, using combinations of new and repurposed fabrics.  

After a career in corporate communications and a few years of interior design and decorative painting, Joanne started deconstructing and remaking denim jackets, using repurposed fabrics, leather, lace and trim.  She sold several hundred jackets in the Bay Area through shows, galleries, boutiques and home shows. 

While the reinvented denim jackets were popular, they were not for everyone.  It became apparent that short fitted jackets were not flattering for many women, and could be confining and sometimes uncomfortable. 


Upon moving to Kansas City, Joanne decided to create a more elevated line that more women would be able to wear.  "I wanted to create  a timeless, elegant layering piece that would be flattering and comfortable," she said. "I chose to design pieces that I would wear myself; something that could be paired with pieces that I already owned, and that would incorporate the beautiful fabrics I love to repurpose."

Portrait of Joanne Mullin, designer

"I love to combine patterns, textures and colors, and I live and breathe for visual transformations.  As an interior designer and artist, and now as a creator of beautiful garments, I especially enjoy the process and art of reinvention.  I particularly enjoy the kimonos because they fit all different shapes and sizes, while being comfortable, elegant, practical, and above all -- flattering. 
Each garment I create is a one-of-a-kind mix of fabric combinations that tells a story of its own. Each kimono is named for a woman I've admired in some way, or totally invented. Tucked inside the descriptions of each kimono, you'll find a little story about the woman who inspired each piece. It gives the kimonos a bit more personality, and gives it more meaning.
It is my hope that the stories each garment represents will empower and inspire whoever purchases it, bringing new depth and meaning to their own story."

The J.Mullin Apparel Co. donates its proceeds to not-for-profit organizations that help women experience their own renewal and reinvention.

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