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woman wearing floral print kimono


A message to our customers:

You have a passion for life and design your life around what you love.
You have the soul of an artist, seeing things others don’t.
You have a unique identifiable style. 

You know who you are.
You are not afraid of being noticed. 

You have something to say.
People crave your company because you lift them up.
You are our inspiration.

  • Where do you get your fabrics?
    We source through estate sales and individual sellers for beautiful fabrics -- in the form of gently used garments and garment manufacturer's bolt ends and remnants. We love to combine two or three different prints and one or two solid colors on each kimono, creating one-of-a-kind color stories.
  • Do you sew each garment yourself?
    I choose the fabric combinations and design the layout of each kimono and scarf, and then turn it over to my team of independent contractors for the construction process. When that is complete, I add some finishing touches and tweak some of the details. We are working on developing a new pattern that will streamline our production process and create more standardized sizing. We are also researching new fabric sources, and looking for new ways to make the process less time consuming, but with an even better result.
  • How long does it take to create one kimono?
    If you include fabric sourcing and prep, designing, cutting and preparing each piece for construction, then add in the construction time, it takes at least 20 hours to create each kimono. At any given time there are several kimonos in production. In addition to the construction process, we also spend about 5 hours on bringing each piece to market: photography, copywriting and website revisions, and social media and direct mail campaigns, packaging and shipping.
  • How long after I place my order will my kimono arrive?
    The kimonos we feature on our website are all currently in stock and are available for immediate shipment. We usually ship within 24-48 hours of receiving an order. We will notify you via e-mail upon receipt of your order, and when we ship it out. Because we offer free shipping and returns, our customers can be assured that their purchase is risk-free.
  • Do you make kimonos for men?
    Our kimomos are designed with women in mind, but we've also had some men express interest in owning one. Our sizing and fabric choices are geared towards our women customers right now. In the future, we will be creating larger, longer pieces that will better meet the needs of our plus size women clients, as well as men. In the meantime, if the measurements work, our pieces are appreciated by both men and women.
  • Do you sell your kimonos in stores?
    We do not plan to sell our kimonos in stores, but hope to have occasional pop-up events and trunk shows in a few selected stores. Eventually, we also plan to organize our own events in various communities throughout the U.S. In the meantime, we will continue to add new products to our website that can be ordered online for prompt free shipment.
  • Do you do custom orders?
    We do offer custom orders, and will be happy to discuss your project with you, and provide you with an estimate. It's helpful to have your measurements and have some idea of the fabrics you would like to incorporate. Just send us an e-mail using the form below, and we'll start our conversation.
  • Could I get one of your kimonos in a different size?
    Unfortunately, we are unable to reproduce the exact details of any particular garment. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind combination of fabrics that cannot be replicated. However, we can sometimes use some of the same fabrics, combined with other similar fabrics to create a very close sister garment. This would be considered a custom order.
Woman browsing rack of kimonos



We offer free shipping and returns throughout the United States.  Return instructions are included with each shipment.



Thanks! We will be in touch with you soon.

Joanne Mullin, designer

I would love to know what your questions are, and if you have any comments or suggestions.  We are always working to improve our product and service, and would be glad to hear from you any time.

                                    Joanne Mullin

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