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Perfect Pairings for Fall

What kinds of social events are you looking forward to this fall? Will you be gathering with friends and family? Going to a live performance? Entertaining at home? Traveling?

As we transition from a stay-at-home mode to getting out more, we’ll be looking for wardrobe updates that will elevate our style, while being adaptable enough to be styled in multiple ways, so you’ll be ready for any event — from casual at-home entertaining to a formal event.

Meet the hardest working wardrobe update ever: A distinctive handmade one-of-a-kind kimono that can be paired with everything from jeans and joggers to dressier pants and skirts to velvet palazzo pants, and everything in between. Not only will it serve you well during the holiday season, but throughout the winter and well into Spring.

Perfect for gatherings at home, swanky dinners out, concerts and parties — and the ideal travel companion for resort vacations and cruises. From coffee on the veranda to poolside lunches to nights on the town, your statement piece kimono will have you covered from morning to night.

The styling inspirations on our website will give you some ideas for your own wardrobe. Or, sign up for our free styling guide on the Styling Ideas page of our site for more options. You’ll be amazed at how adaptable a kimono can be. Available in a low hip jacket length, a longer above-the-knee tunic length, and a below-the-knee duster length to meet all of your wardrobe needs.

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