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Eddie's story:


“How many stores do I have to go to before I find something I look good in?” Eddie complained. “They just don’t make flattering clothing for real women any more.”  Whether it was her few extra pounds, or just feeling old and frumpy overall, she became very frustrated with the lack of options and the apparent banning of personal service. "You’d think I was invisible," she pouted, as she sorted through the pieces she had taken to the dressing room. Giving up before she had even tried them all on, she left the store and grabbed a latte for the drive home.   


This reoccurring scene had become so depressing, Eddie had almost given up on shopping altogether. That was when she decided to browse some on-line sites. She got sidetracked when she noticed that the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City had an exhibit about kimonos and how they've influenced fashion design over the years and were becoming more a part of the modern woman's lifestyle.  She decided to search for some kimonos on line and before the evening was over she had ordered one. She would try pairing it with some of her favorite separates and just see how it might work.


Two days later,  Eddie was in a whole new state of mind. With the arrival of her new kimono, she had discovered its magical ability to elevate her style and transform how she felt about herself.  Her new tunic-length kimono paired so nicely with pieces she already owned. One outfit after the other, she was amazed at how fabulous she looked and how comfortable each ensemble was to wear. Her new kimono has become her wardrobe solution for almost any occasion.


Frustrating and disappointing shopping experiences are a thing of the past and Eddie has never felt so polished and put together. Her life is suddenly simplified and her wardrobe has never been more adaptable and interchangeable.


Eddie Floral Robe

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  • Product details

    Product Information:


    This dramatic mid calf-length kimono is the most striking and glamorous length in our collection. Handmade from a beautiful floral print.  Wide sleeves fall between the elbow and wrist.

    Trimmed with a one-of-a-kind combination of curated fabrics, it is truly a one-of-a-kind work of wearabe art.  Fully lined, it has with deep side slits and generous front pockets providing a sleek, flattering silhouette that moves with you and wraps you in elegant ease.

    Wear it as a dress or over leggings. Or, pair it with your favorite interchangeable solid separates and dress it up or down to create a variety of looks, from poolside caftan looks to pencil skirts and boots to leggings and mules to a stunning and sexy dress. This truly unique garment will morph into whatever version of yourself you want to be.


    Size: S/M

    Garment Measurements:

    Length from neck band to hem: 51.5”

    Width across chest from just under the sleeve: 47"

    Sleeve length from neckband to hem: 22"

    Sleeve circumference at hem: 26”


    Our J.Mullin Promise to you is that you will be totally satisfied with your purchase.  Our free shipping and returns policy makes it risk-free to order whatever you'd like to try on; keep what you love and return what doesn't work. 

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