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Peyton's Story:


There is a certain old clapboard house that sits on a bluff overlooking a long inlet along the coast of Maine that Peyton has been renting every June for several years.  It is her special place.  Just for fun, she had some personalized stationery printed with the heading, “Peyton’s Place” in script across the top.  Surrounded by a tangle of old blackberry bushes and forgotten roses with their arching branches of thorns, the weathered house soaks up the sun for a few short months, and seems itself again. Peyton just considers it her June home.


Every morning she sits on the wrap-around porch watching the lobster fishermen empty their traps and drop them back into the shallow inlet waters. The buoy bells clang as the sun comes up, and the sky sets the stage for another day.


Today she’ll slip into her white jeans and a T-shirt and espadrilles and drive down into the village for lunch. Since it’s still a little cool, and the ocean breezes are unpredictable, she’ll grab her favorite go-to jacket, which happens to be a short kimono.  She loves how comfortable it is, and has found that she can wear it with just about everything.  Some things just get better with time.

Peyton Tunic Kimono

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • Measurements

    Garment length: 32"

    Garment Width: (bust): 55"

    Sleeve Length: 20"

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