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Ryder's Story:


Ryder was born to be an artist, and feels right at home in her adopted hometown of Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Her small gallery is the perfect venue for the pottery she makes. Everything about her surroundings inspires her — the way the sun hits the stucco buildings, the colors of the landscape, and the vibrant blend of local artists and tourists who wander the narrow streets. It’s all the things she loves. 


Today she’s heading for the riding stable to take her horse out on the trail for a while, then she’s making dinner for a few friends at her modern pueblo villa tonight. They’ll sit outside around the fire pit under the stars as the sun disappears behind the hills.  Her hot tub and luxury one-of-a-kind kimono are waiting.

Ryder Kimono

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • Measurements

    Garment Length: 35"

    Garment Width: (Bust): 54"

    Sleeve Length: 35"

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