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As Tori and her distinguished-looking companion walk down the village sidewalk towards their favorite late night dinner spot, the line of people waiting to get into the adjacent night club seems to separate, creating an opening for the two of them to get to the front door of the restaurant. It’s as if they had their own private entourage, as the bystanders make some remark about how stunning they look tonight, and isn’t it great that people that age still go out and enjoy a little nightlife?  


Catching a glimpse of themselves reflected in a shop window, they both do a double take when they realize they are seeing themselves. Truth-be-told, they are both looking pretty damn good tonight: He in his off white silk trousers and black leather jacket, and she in her sassy little kimono jacket over a long skirt split up to there, revealing plenty of leg above her stilettos.


She flashes back to when he was a DJ at a similar club and she, his biggest fan, danced for hours with her girlfriends.  This is so much more fun, she thinks to herself, as she practically has to run to keep up with her long-legged husband. He opens the door and they step into the cozily lit bustling cafe and are escorted to their favorite table. The one in the back corner - where they can continue their very long conversation that began so many years ago.


Our Tori Jacket features a Matisse inspired print paired with an ecru linen and a repurposed silky polka dot print.  The black band trim is a fine Japanese linen. Fully lined, with front angled patch pockets. The separate belt can be worn alone, or under the open kimono.  Pair it with rust, blush, ecru or black separates. The jacket comes with a separate sash belt that can be worn inside the kimono with the jacket open.  If you like this look better, simply cut off the front ties.



Tori Kimono Jacket

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  • Garment Details

    This jacket-length kimono is the perfect little topper for so many pieces in your wardrobe that will instantly elevate your look. Fully lined, with slanted front pockets, it self-ties in the front, creating a cropped, boxy topper that is surprisingly flattering. Wide sleeves fall between the elbow and wrist.

    Pair it with your favorite interchangeable solid separates and dress it up or down to create a variety of looks throughout your day -- from sophisticated casual daytime looks to elegant and chic evening ensembles.


    Size: M/L   

    Garment Measurements:

    Length from neck band to hem: 26"

    Width across chest from just under the sleeve: 53"

    Sleeve length from neckband to hem: 20"

    Sleeve circumference at hem: 21"


    Our J.Mullin Promise to you is that you will be totally satisfied with your purchase.  Our free shipping and returns policy makes it risk-free to order whatever you'd like to try on; keep what you love and return what doesn't work. 


    Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


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