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What do you wear with a kimono?

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Kimonos are becoming more popular as women look for ways to add an elevated ease and sophisticated elegance to their wardrobe options. Our new Kimono Styling Guide offers interchangeable wardrobe options for creating endless outfits for casual to dressy occasions. Never worry about what to wear again!

As we are preparing to launch our new line of kimonos, we recently had an all-day photo shoot to show

the variety of looks that can be created with our kimonos. As the three models and a wardrobe stylist pulled from racks and racks of clothing to put outfits together for the shoot, it was fascinating, but not all that surprising, to see how much fun they were having. My assistant, Addy, and I couldn't help but get involved as we dressed our models in one imaginative ensemble after another. We were just a bunch of girls playing dress-up, and it was a blas

Our new Kimono Styling Guide will show you how to put endless outfit together using pieces you likely already own. You'll be amazed at how versatile and practical a kimono can be.

But, in reality, when a woman is standing in front of her clothes closet looking for something to wear, it's not all that much fun. Let's say she has a beautiful new kimono that she wants to wear to a dinner party. Ok, but what does she wear it with? Even if she does have an idea of how casual or dressy the gathering might be, it's still daunting to know where to start, especially if she is tired of wearing black with everything.

And, let's say that she hasn't had time to do much shopping lately, and very few pieces in her closet pass the mirror test. These are the moments we all feel overly critical of our appearance, and almost talk ourselves out of going to the event. But, there are also just average days to deal with. We don't know what to wear even for more simple, casual occasions. Even if we have a personal stylist who helps us prepare for important events and trips, we don't have that kind of support on any given Tuesday.

We're here to help solve those problems, and make getting dressed fun again.

You are about to become your own stylist, my friend.

I just wish you could have been a part of our big dress-up party and tried a few combinations on for yourself. You'd quickly see what I mean when I say you are about to become your own Stylist. It's not complicated. In fact, it's really a lot of fun. Once you lay out a few combinations of separates and accessories on your bed with your kimono, and add shoes and a bag, and maybe some key jewelry pieces, you'll want to just keep trying more new combinations. And we've made it even easier for you by putting some ideas together to get your imagination going.

Our new 12-Page Kimono Styling Guide gives you ideas for how to create endless ensembles for any mood and any season.

Did you know a kimono can be a luxurious bathrobe? A swimsuit cover-up? A jacket to throw over your jeans or joggers? A coat to wear over a simple dress or palazzo pants for a formal event? You'll soon discover that your kimono can go with you everywhere from morning to night, and can be dressed up or down for any situation or occasion.

Our new website has a Look Book section that has a gallery of photos from our photo shoot, which will give you some great styling ideas, as well. We invite you to browse through our collections and choose your favorite pieces to try. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind work of art that incorporates repurposed fabrics as part of its design. Like you, it has a story to tell. Our free shipping and returns policy is a risk-free way for you to try on more than one piece, if you can't decide from the photos.

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