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A Time to Shine

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Heidi visits a New Bistro

World traveller and connoisseur of food, wine, abstract art and Latin sambas, Heidi savors the finer things in life. She has a cosmopolitan flair that’s all her own. When it comes to style, she loves putting colors and prints together, and enjoys wearing things that are unusual and artistic. She also tends to choose garments that are versatile and flattering because they suit her spontaneous, yet curated lifestyle.

When it comes to food, she loves a good bistro. The decor, the vibe and the food just bring her to life. Tonight she is meeting some friends at a new bistro in a trendy hotel downtown.

The murmur of voices gets suddenly louder as she opens the door and is engulfed in the intoxicating mix of aromas, sights and sounds of the bustling bistro. A burst of laughter. The pop of a cork. The subtle beats of the background music. The aroma of food being seared over an open fire.

As she gracefully makes her way to her table, her kimono movies with her, creating a fluid vision in slow motion. It is a moment to savor; an indulgence in luxury. She has never felt so at ease; so comfortable in her own skin; so fully herself.. This is her time; her moment to shine.

Inspired by Heidi's love for luxurious and colorful statement pieces, we created our Heidi kimono from a vibrant combination of repurposed fabrics, trimmed with new. Fully lined, it hits just above the knee, while generous side splits and patch pockets add to its elegant ease. Wear it with or without the belt. You’ll love it’s sleek lining — so comfortable and easy to slip into. We think you’ll find yourself wearing it whenever you want to feel at your best.

Style that Takes You Places #2

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