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New Styling Stories from J.Mullin Apparel

Updated: Jun 21

Introducing "A Kimono Kind of Day" Series:

Stories featuring a day in the life of an accomplished fashion-loving woman who wears kimonos for everything. From morning to night we'll see how each character moves through her day and all of the amazing looks she wears as she comes and goes from her lovely home taking care of business and all of the things that accomplished fashion-loving women do.

Today we have two Episodes:

Carly - Embracing Change:

The head buyer of womens' clothing for a national retail department store, Carly has just moved to the affluent suburbs. She works at home and commutes to her job in the city once or twice a week. We follow her through a day of adapting to her new lifestyle.

Grace - the Art of Living:

An interior designer who works from her beautifully decorated home applies her aesthetic for combining patterns, colors and textures in every aspect of her life -- decorating, of course, but also her own artwork, how she dresses and even how she puts a salad together. We see her world through her eyes as she moves through her day.

Our photo shoots were so much fun. We've built a fabulous team of creative people, and can't get enough of creating these characters and seeing the world through their eyes.

I hope you enjoy these little stories, and imagine yourself in one of our fabulous kimono looks!

Just click on the covers and enlarge to full screen to be able to read the stories.

Booklet #1:

Styling: Amani Skalacki

Model: Amanda Para


Photography: Jerame Gray

Hair and Make-up: Allie J.


Booklet #2:

Styling: Amani Skalacki

Model: Heather Slusher


Photographer: Janie Jones


Videographer: Taylor Snyder

@Taylor'd Co.

Hair: Maddie Freyre


Make-up: Allie J.


Let us know what you think of our stories. We hope you got some ideas for how you might wear one of our kimonos with pieces from your own wardrobe.

Our website has just been updated to include our new mini-collection of one-of-a-kind kimonos in four trending classic solid colors of raw silk. These pieces are a step-up in luxurious fashion. Each piece is trimmed with a one-of-a-kind combination of curated fabrics including vintage kimono fabric and even leather and suede on some pieces. Featured in the Carly story, these pieces are fully lined and are offered in jacket, tunic and robe lengths in two inclusive sizes: S/M and M/L, which fit women sized S through XXL. We are making more of these raw silk pieces for the Fall season.

To shop kimonos go to

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