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Runway Reflections

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Some runways are for soft landings at the end of a journey; others are for powering up for take-off.

The afterglow of our first runway show at Kansas City Fashion Week in March is still shedding its golden light as I return to my studio and think about what’s next. That runway show was the most impactful ten minutes of my life. Not only do others see J.Mullin Apparel in a new light, but so do I.

Seeing the twelve distinctive looks presented as a cohesive collection on the 100 foot long elevated runway at Kansas City’s Union Station was like getting a huge nod of approval from the Universe. The entire production — designing the line and creating the garments — working with a stylist on how to present each look — choosing the models — fitting the garments to the models — choreographing and rehearsing — hair and make-up concepts, photo shoots and so much more…It all was a culmination of months of work by a team of professionals. The closer we got to the night of the event the more I realized the significance of the journey itself. It galvanized the J.Mullin Apparel brand’s philosophy and message.

Getting to know the people on my team was my biggest joy. And working with my stylist, Amani Skalacki, on perfecting each look was so much fun. She pushed me beyond my comfort zone and the end results were so much more elevated and editorial than I would have done on my own. I quickly learned to let go of my preconceived ideas and embraced the talents and contributions of my team. The result was a fabulous runway show that not only wowed the audience but also helped me see and articulate more clearly who we are as a brand.

Those surreal ten minutes of being on that runway was our end goal. Truthfully, I had been focusing so hard on perfecting that show, it became the grand finale in my mind. But now that it’s over, I am realizing that it was only the beginning. J.Mullin Apparel is on a new trajectory. We are seen in a new light. New opportunities are opening up for us. It is clear that our runway show was not the grand finale of anything. Instead of a triumphant landing at the end of a journey, it has become our moment of take-off.

Whatever you are working towards; whatever life event or goal; pay attention to all of the blessings and lessons that will come your way along the journey. Know that things are going to evolve along the way. Be open to revising your plans and adjusting your course. You might just find that when you finally reach your destination it will be better than you could have imagined. And, most likely, it will just be the beginning of so much more.

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