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No More Shopping Nightmares.

How to end your Love/Hate Relationship with Shopping.

If you’re like me, you enjoy shopping experiences when you are not under any pressure to find anything in particular, and can just browse leisurely. Those are the times you find the best things, right? On the other hand, the times you are desperate to find something — anything — to wear to a specific event, or are looking for something specific, forget about it. The whole experience turns into a nightmare.

You feel like you look terrible in everything. The sales associates are of no help. They either don’t even talk to you, or treat you like you don’t even deserve to be in their store. They don’t know how fabulous you are, or care whether you find something or not. Too often, you end up buying something that only halfway meets your expectations, and either never wear it or resort to returning it in frustration. The whole experience is not only demeaning, but a total waste of time and money.

Today is your lucky day, because I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to suffer that aggravating and humiliating experience ever again. I have been there too many times myself. That’s why I decided to start making beautiful one-of-a-kind statement piece kimonos that are comfortable and flattering and can be

dressed up or down for almost any occasion. Imagine a garment that can be a bathrobe or poolside coverup or worn with jeans or joggers or cropped pants, or even at a formal soiree as a jacket with velvet palazzo pants or a simple sheath dress. You can pair it with so many things you already own — you’ll never have to worry about what to wear again.

Save shopping for when you aren’t under pressure to find the perfect thing. It almost never happens. You deserve better! You deserve the elevated ease of a sophisticated, timeless statement piece that will serve you well for many seasons. Consider how much use you’ll get out of your investment and you’ll quickly justify your purchase.

I have been in your shoes, and I choose to never subject myself to another disappointing and aggravating shopping experience again. Our free shipping and returns policy makes it so easy for you to try one or two pieces and see how they can be be paired with your existing wardrobe. No more humiliation, my friend!

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