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Playing dress-up in her grandmother’s closet was one of Brooklyn’s favorite pastimes as a girl. As she slipped into the gowns and dresses she imagined herself playing the leading role in romantic movies in faraway places and times. Just yesterday, those memories all came flooding back to her as she found an old photograph of her grandmother at a ball. What a different time that was, she thought as she examined some of the garments hanging in her own closet. We just don’t dress up the way we used to, she thought. 


On the other hand, just yesterday she couldn’t help but notice a particularly well-dressed woman where she was having lunch with a friend.  From the moment she walked into the restaurant, the woman carried herself like she was someone important. Her style was timeless and classic.  It wasn’t just the clothes, though. It was the way she carried herself. She just seemed so comfortable in her own skin. She was ageless; not old, but not young either.  But, she was beautiful. Her demeanor and elegance spoke volumes about her self esteem and how well she takes care of herself.  


Back at home, Brooklyn took a look at her own closet. What if….? And, how about….?  As she started combining her separates in new ways, she soon discovered more options than she even knew she had, including a couple of statement piece jackets and an elegant kimono that completed several different looks. Could being well dressed start with how you put together the clothes you already own? 


  As she closed her closet door, she smiled, thinking of how great it was going to feel to put more effort into how she dressed.

Brooklyn Kimono Jacket

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    This tunic-length kimono is the most versatile length in our collection, falling just above the knee. Wide sleeves fall between the elbow and wrist. Fully lined, with deep side slits and generous front pockets. A sleek, flattering silhouette that moves with you and wraps you in elegant ease.

    The separate sash/belt can be worn inside or outside the garment. Or, wear it loosely around the back and tuck the untied ends in the front pockets. Or, remove the belt entirely and wear the garment open so it can move freely.

    Pair it with your favorite interchangeable solid separates and dress it up or down to create a variety of looks throughout your day -- from sophisticated casual daytime looks to elegant and chic evening ensembles.

    Size M/L



    Length from neck band to hem: 35"

    Width across chest from just under the sleeve: 54"

    Sleeve length from neckband to hem: 20.5”

    Sleeve circumference at hem: 26”

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