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Logan has always been a jeans and khakis kind of girl. Not that she doesn’t appreciate a more elevated look, it’s just that she doesn’t feel comfortable wearing an attention-getting piece. “I could never get away with that,” is her standard response to anyone’s suggestion. She totally gets the concept of accessorizing and mixing and matching things throughout her wardrobe, but keeps wearing the same things over and over.  Her basket full of beautiful scarves and her wall hooks filled with artistic jewelry haven’t been touched in years. Oh, she collects them.  She loves jewelry and scarves and shoes and bags, and has plenty of options for spicing up her wardrobe, but somehow here lifestyle just hasn’t seemed to warrant actually wearing them. It just feels contrived; like she’s trying too hard. If there’s anything she can’t stand it’s when a woman overdresses or wears something that doesn’t suit her. 


But she’s tired of it.  She’s ready for a fresh start, and has been going through her clothes with a more critical eye, filling up several boxes with things that just aren’t who she is anymore. She doesn’t even know what triggered the change, but she suddenly is feeling renewed and excited about her life. 


And then she gets it. It’s the little kimono jacket she just bought. It has set the bar for all of the other things she owns. The beautiful print, the gorgeous colors, the vibrant trim — all seem to make her basic pieces come to life. She’s been putting outfits together all morning, and can’t wait to start presenting herself in a new way.

Logan Kimono Jacket

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  • Garment Details

    This jacket-length kimono is the perfect little topper for so many pieces in your wardrobe that will instantly elevate your look. Fully lined, with slanted front pockets, it self-ties in the front, creating a cropped, boxy topper that is surprisingly flattering. Wide sleeves fall between the elbow and wrist.

    Pair it with your favorite interchangeable solid separates and dress it up or down to create a variety of looks throughout your day -- from sophisticated casual daytime looks to elegant and chic evening ensembles.

    Size: S/M    

    Garment Measurements:

    Length from neck band to hem:  25.5”

    Width across chest from just under the sleeve:   47”

    Sleeve length from neckband to hem: 20"

    Sleeve circumference at hem: 21”

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