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The New Mexican desert holds a certain place in Sage’s heart. Every Spring she and two of her best girlfriends plan a trip to Santa Fe just to recharge their batteries and get their fill of Southwestern cuisine and mezcal drinks. A little time by the pool and a three-day art class with one of their favorite artists are on the agenda this year in addition to all of the shopping and gallery exploring there is to do.  Sage has a few places on her list this year that she is determined to get to this time. But if not, there’s always next year.  


There’s something about the colors and textures that is magical: the way the sun seems to glow on the the stucco faced buildings. There is a richness and contrast that intensifies how everything looks, like a special colored lens that puts a magic spell on everything. Or is it just being with her best friends that brings out that pure joy and love for life that she always experiences when she is in that environment?


Sage has often dreamed of buying a little place there — maybe an adobe style condo with an outdoor entertainment space. But would the luster fade? Is it special because it’s only a temporary short-lived experience? She’ll probably never know.  For now, she’s ready for a great time with her friends. Let the fun begin.

Sage Kimono Jacket

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