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Sidney's story:


Sidney is a concert pianist and travels to perform with orchestras all over the world. She has mastered Rhapsody in Blue, and that is what she performs wherever she goes.  But she also loves good jazz and blues, and seeks out the best local performances in the cities she visits on tour. Over the years, she has returned to many of the same cities, and always looks forward to going back to some of her favorite venues and, especially, the restaurants and art galleries and museums.  


As much energy as performing takes, she is always renewed and inspired by the many varied destinations her itinerary includes. She has learned that a travel wardrobe needs to be versatile and interchangeable, and has certain basic pieces that she dresses up or down with layering pieces and accessories.  


Her favorite statement piece is her ankle-length black and white kimono. It always make a statement — whether over a black sequined gown as she walks out onto the stage or over black leather leggings and booties to go to a jazz club, or over white palazzo pants for an alfresco dinner. She’s worn it as a coat with jeans and black booties while browsing art galleries, and even as a swimsuit coverup for cocktails at a benefactor’s pool party in San Tropez. 


She’ll never forget one night in London when she went to the Opera wearing a marine blue leather dress and black heeled sandals, with the long kimono worn over it as a coat. When her chauffeur opened the car door for her to exit at the entrance, he looked at her and said, “Well, Miss Sidney, you are a vision, if I say so myself. In fact, I’d say that you, yourself are a rhapsody. A Real Rhapsody in Blue."

Sidney Print Robe

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    This long, flowing ankle-length kimono is the most dramatic and glamorous length in our collection. Wide sleeves fall between the elbow and wrist. Fully lined, it has with deep side slits and generous front pockets providing a sleek, flattering silhouette that moves with you and wraps you in elegant ease.

    The separate sash/belt can be worn inside or outside the garment. Or, wear it loosely around the back and tuck the untied ends in the front pockets. Or, remove the belt entirely and wear the garment open so it can move freely.

    Pair it with your favorite interchangeable solid separates and dress it up or down to create a variety of looks throughout your day -- from sophisticated casual daytime looks to elegant and chic evening ensembles.


    Size M/L    

    Garment Measurements:


    Length from neck band to hem: 52.5”

    Width across chest from just under the sleeve: 57"

    Sleeve length from neckband to hem: 22"

    Sleeve circumference at hem: 27”


    Our J.Mullin Promise to you is that you will be totally satisfied with your purchase.  Our free shipping and returns policy makes it risk-free to order whatever you'd like to try on; keep what you love and return what doesn't work. 

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