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A Season of Renewal and Transformation

Choosing to elevate your life feels almost as good as sunlight on your face.

The word resort conjures up visions of getting away to a luxurious, beautiful place that involves relaxation and pampering. Just imagining the warmth of the sun on our skin feels us with longing. Especially to those of us who love fashion, resort season is about living a luxurious life and wearing elegant, flowing garments. We love to see the new resort collections from the fashion industry and imagine ourselves lounging by the pool or dining under the stars looking and feeling glamorous and pampered.

Ironically, the word resort can also mean settling for something that wouldn’t be our first choice. We resort to something as a way to resolve a less-than-desirable situation.  But, having to resort to enjoying a cozy winter at home doesn’t have to be a time of dismal survival. The short, quiet days and long, dark nights of winter are the perfect opportunity for bringing more luxury and elegance into our lives.

Fire and Ice.
The beauty of winter is often found in its contrasts. When set against an icy background, your colorful personality sizzles like fire.
You’ve found the magic formula of sparkle and grace; elegance and ease.

The winter months do not have to be a suspension in time. Instead of resorting to merely getting through it while you put your life on hold, use these next few months as an opportunity to add more of a resort feeling into your life. It can be a time of living with more intention; a time of renewal; a time to reconnect to yourself and to what’s important to you, including the people in your life.

Timeless Elegance.
A bubbly combination of sparkle and grace, you bring the sizzle of style to the party.
Steering your own ship as you always have, with a timeless elegance that never gets old.

Winter is when unexpected growth occurs. It’s when connections are made; ideas marinate and wait for the right time to bloom. The journey is just as life-changing as the destination. It all begins when you give yourself the luxury of adding more of what you love into your life.

Light some candles, host an intimate dinner party, attend an art gallery exhibit, go hear some live music, create a charcuterie board and enjoy a cocktail in front of your own fireplace at home. Make a big pot of minestrone and invite some friends over for the evening. Allow yourself regular pampering spa treatments and massages. All of these things give you something to look forward to as you’re walking your dog on those dark, cold mornings.

In your Element
You find the environment that brings out your best. Sometimes you want to stand out; other times you prefer to blend in.
Embrace your contradictions. It’s what makes you interesting.

What you wear is a reflection of how you want to show up in your life. Dress like you want to feel. Relaxing by the fire wearing something flowing and pretty feels so much more luxurious than wearing what you’ve had on all day. Hosting an intimate dinner party wearing an elegant kimono over your classic separates elevates the event to a new level of sophistication. Attending a play or live concert wearing a stunning statement piece adds a layer of luxury to the whole experience.

Whether you’re one of the lucky ones who gets to enjoy an exotic getaway this winter, or are choosing to enjoy a cozy season at home, make it a season of renewal and transformation by bringing elements of luxury and elegance into your life.



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