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Bridging the gap between expected and unexpected.

Are you brave enough to wear a one-of-a-kind statement piece that no-one else in the world has ever seen?  Of course, you are!  We call it the Kimono Dress.  That's right, it's a kimono and it's a dress.  We think you'll take unexpected any day.

Created for our Kansas City Fashion Week runway show.  

This fabulous mash-up was imagined by our wonderful stylist, Amani Skalacki, who styled our runway show last March.  Our fabulous model, Mariah, wore it on the runway.  After the show, another of our lovely models, Heather, who is quite petite, wanted to try it on.  You can see that it looks great on both of them. That's how inclusive it is.  A front panel closure and tabbed side slits add a touch of modesty, while strategic tucks at the waist create a flattering blouson effect not unlike the dresses of the 1940s.  The coordinating trim on the pockets and the wrap-around Obi belt cinches the look.  

Any of our robe length kimonos can be modified into this fabulous look.  

The front panel can be tailored to your preferred dimensions, and is removable, so you can wear the garment open like a robe, with or without a belt.   No kimono has ever been so much fun to wear, or been such a stunning hit.

Choose any of our longer robe-style kimonos and send me an e-mail asking for this special addition, and we will get it started for you.  We'll add the tab side slit closures, back darts and a removable front panel insert that is custom sized to your preference.  The final touch will be the wrap-around Obi belt that you can wear with both the dress and the kimono version.  It's a simple upgrade that will take your style to a whole new level of panache.


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