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Rediscovering Elegance

A Conversation about Renewal and Reinvention

About this video: This video is a 60-second photo montage from a recent photoshoot of the J.Mullin Apparel Spring/Summer line, which is set to debut at a LAUNCH EVENT this coming Thursday in Kansas City.

More information at tickets-264112978027)

In anticipation of our upcoming LAUNCH EVENT, I recently sat down with a writer who is very familiar with our line and shared some of the background information about our new collection:

The Theme:

Q: The overall theme of the new collection is “Rediscovering Elegance.” What do you mean by Rediscovering Elegance?

JM: It signifies a coming out of hiding; a hope for our future; a desire for renewal and reinvention; a craving for simplifying our lives, celebrating beauty and elevating our style. The new collection celebrates vibrancy and a sense of adventure, and embraces our love for luxury and sophisticated style.

Q: You say each kimono is one-of-a-kind. I love that each kimono has a name and even has a story. Can you tell us more about that?

JM: Our kimonos each feature some repurposed fabrics, and a lot of them incorporate vintage kimono fabric. Each piece tells a story that is as unique and multi-faceted as the story of the woman who wears it. I am fascinated by every woman’s story of how she has evolved. Every woman has a story, and we want to help her tell it.

The Fabrics:

Q: We’re seeing some warm, rosy colors, some graphic prints and botanicals in the line. What was your inspiration for choosing these fabrics? They’re all quite different, but somehow hang together. Can you tell us more about how you put these fabrics together?

JM: What you can expect from this collection is a bit of nostalgic luxury. My inspirations for the kimonos and scarves were the glamour of old Hollywood and the warm rosy colors of vintage travel posters. The fabrics I chose evoke the abstract art style of Matisse and the muted colors of block prints from the Mid Century. There are a lot of warm, rosy colors and contemporary Japanese prints. We trim our garments with fine Japanese linen bands and finish them off with curated vintage and repurposed fabrics. Part modern art, part vintage kimono, the fabric combinations are the true art of each piece. No two are alike.

The Relevance:

Q: How is the new line relevant for women at this moment in time, and considering the lifestyle changes that we have made over the last two years?

JM: I think women are so ready to get dressed up again. We’ve been in hiding for over two years, and we’re so ready for a change. We want a wardrobe that is less complicated, yet more sophisticated. We’re craving color and patterns, but we want fewer pieces and a more timeless, elegant look.

From everything I've read about what's trending in fashion this season, women are choosing quality over quantity, and are going for classic timeless looks that are relaxed but elevated, and are adaptable to a wide range of situations. We are zeroing in on what our personal style really is and want to wear garments that bring out our confidence and make us feel more alive. We want to wear things that are flattering, and that we can wear with pieces we already own.