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Luxurious Gatherings

Christmas Time is Here. Happiness and Cheer.

One of my favorite things is getting together with people I love and getting caught up over a lovely dinner in a luxurious setting. I feel a sweet peace come over me as I look across the table at my friend’s glowing face, laughing at each other’s stories, and talking about our upcoming plans for the holidays. To me, this is the ultimate luxury.

It feels so good to dress up a little and experience being waited on, and enjoy a gourmet meal in the company of good friends. I soak up the golden moments, looking around the room at the other diners having their own conversations. There is a rosy glow on their faces and a twinkle in their eyes as the sound of soft piano music and clinking silverware blend in with the murmer of voices. I savor this moment, its sights, sounds, tastes and aromas. All seems right with the world. I wish this for everyone. This comfort, this love, this joy. I pray that in some way everyone can experience a few golden moments this Holiday Season.

The Holidays are filled with sights and sounds that we don’t hear any other time of the year. Our hearts are warmed by our gatherings with loved ones, and our traditions we celebrate remind us of many other happy times throughout the years.

What are your holiday traditions? Does your family have a favorite Christmas movie that you watch every year? Do you have a family recipe that you revisit and enjoy every year? We like to make my husband’s mother’s Christmas cookies. Some of our Christmas ornaments have been handed down over the years. As I hang each ornament on our Christmas tree, I stop for a moment to remember when it was given to us, and how many years it has graced our tree.

While I treasure and appreciate what’s old, I find it even more delightful and gratifying when it has been preserved or enhanced in some way, and set apart from other things that can be distracting. I find that vintage or intricately beautiful fabrics are much more stunning when used sparingly, set apart where they can stand alone as the work of art that they are.

I love the old traditional Rat Pack renditions and fresh new versions of old standards like White Christmas, Chestnuts Roasting...., I'll be Home for Christmas, Happy Holidays, What Child is This?, Oh Christmas Tree, and on and on. I love to stand in the middle of a big cathedral when the pipe organ is cranking out fugues and fanfares, testing the strength of the stained glass windows. I also love the gently plucking of a harp as it resonates in flicking candle light.

And, there’s nothing like a swanky piano bar for a little holiday cheer. Some things never get old, while other things improve with a bit of reinvention. Keeping traditions fresh and relevant requires imagination and a sense of adventure.

Reinvention weaves itself into everything I create. Each kimono features repurposed fabrics that I have rescued and given a new life. The curated fabrics and the prints and patterns I combine in each kimono creates a reinterpretation of their original configuration and purpose. My customers love the combinations of fabrics and tell me they appreciate the fact that each piece I make is a one-of-a-kind piece. It does take a lot more time to source the fabrics and integrate them into each new kimono, but that is what makes them beautiful and unique. There are no other garments like this on the market. The ones that come close start at much higher prices. We focus on creating a high quality beautiful garment that puts a fresh new spin on gorgeous fabrics the otherwise would end up in landfills.

It is my hope that you will find some delight in your Holiday traditions this year, and that you and your loved ones have many luxurious golden moments to treasure for years to come.

The kimonos shown in this article are (from top to bottom) The Nina Kimono (M) $689;
the Parker Kimono (M) $649; and the Lauren Kimono (L) $689. They can be found in the
Kimono Section under our "SHOP" tab. Sizing information and measurements can be
found within the detailed descriptions for each product.

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